DYNAMICS.SET fundamentals

The set file used (DYNAMICS.SET is the default) defines which dictionaries are started up with GP when it starts up. The file is split into 3 sections.


  1. The top line contains a single number. This the the total number of dictionaries GP will start up



  1. The next section contains two lines per dictionary. The first of the two has the ID of the dictionary and the second has the name of the dictionary.

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  1. The last section starts with a line that reads "Windows". This section holds 3 lines per dictionary. The dictionaries need to be listed in the same order as they are in section 2. The first line holds the path to the main dictionary followed by the forms dictionary on a line followed by the reports dictionary on a line. Even if an application does not have a forms or reports dictionary, it still needs to have that line.

:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/Dynamics.dic
:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/IM.DIC
:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/IMFORMS.DIC
:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/IMRPTS.DIC
:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/fam.dic


:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/BEC7506.DIC
:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/Data/BEC7506F.DIC
:F:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2013/Data/BEC7506R.DIC


If a set file does not contain these elements in the correct order or if an add in dll is found in the AddIns folder but not in the set file, GP will fail on start-up with the "AddIn initialization error".

Attached is an example set file.

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