taMCCurrencyValidate errors

Error Number = 267  Stored Procedure= taMCCurrencyValidate  Error Description = The Currency ID does not have a current exchange rate

Node Identifier Parameters: taMCCurrencyValidate


Error 267 means the Document Date is greater than the expiration date of the exchange rate record found.


Error Number = 6348 Stored Procedure= taMCCurrencyValidate Error Description = The Exchange Table ID does not exist for the Exchange Date specified
Node Identifier Parameters: taMCCurrencyValidate
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taMCCurrencyValidate
EXGTBLID = Note: This parameter was not passed in, no value for the parameter will be returned.

Error 6348 means there is no exchange rate for the exchange rate date mapped.


Exchange dates must match exactly to the date in the exchange table. This is a known limitation of eConnect. See the first comment in the below forum post.



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