Payment Confirmation typical errors

46000: No Posted invoice voucher found

In this scenario, a voucher which came through InvoiceConnect was found. However, it is in either one of three states:

  1. It has not yet been posted
  2. It has already been both posted and manually paid
  3. The voucher was accidentally or purposefully deleted

Do nothing for #1. This is the normal case and it just a temporary timing issue. Check off as successful for #2 and #3.


46010: A required parameter was not provided. Make sure the invoice voucher was created through this system

In this scenario, the voucher was probably manually created and then "checked off" as successful when the request came in.

Use the Execute Transaction window to manually create the payment request with the correct voucher number (use GP transaction inquiry to find the correct voucher number).


46030: Input payment amount does not match invoice amount

This is a really dangerous one!!! This means the voucher brought in by IC does not have the same amount as the confirmation brought in by IC. Probably the AP mapping does not include the shipping and tax or is duplicating the amount for itemizations or something of that nature.

First, fix the requests mapping so that the correct amounts start coming in. Next, use the Execute Transaction window to bring in the confirmation with the incorrect amounts. Then, create manual vouchers, already paid off, for the difference.


Could not find taPMManualPayment

Probably this means one of two things:

  1. The original voucher was not brought in by IC
  2. The vendor for the original voucher brought in by IC was transformed via a VT and thus needs a similar VT for the Manual Payment

If it is #1, check off as successful. Nothing IC can do about that. If #2, create the necessary VT and re-run it.


@I_vDOCNUMBER missing

Check on whether or not the payment confirmation is a CLIENT, FAIL, or VOID type.

You will probably want to filter those out in the field mappings.


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