List of Versions

V2.11: Fix for deploy rebuild, commenting out cash sub for MC, added user fields for GL credits, fixed roles for MC

V2.09 fix for TLS1.0 to TLS1.2

V2.08 Fix for credits in manual check confirmations and fix for rounding issues

V2.07: Fix for adding up MC batch totals and for keeping AP and MC batches separate

v2.06: fix for payment confirmation rounding issues

v2.05 Added Manual Payments integration for InvoiceConnect

v2.04: Offsets, GL grouping, and SiteID aliasing

v2.03: Added Extract for Expense

v2.02: Fix for 1099 recalculation

v2.01: Batches are segmented by created by program

v2.0: Added eBanking and multiple subs to the connector

v1.99: VS update fix

v1.98: new version with bug fixes and a vendor sync Skip pseudo-field

v1.97: fix for Fiscal Year possibly being different than the Period to Post year

v1.96 Increased License Name to 101 chars

v1.95: GL fixes

v1.94 Bug fix for fetching vendors

v1.92: SLC-10 and SLC-14

v1.91: bug fixes and added fields

v1.9 fix for CuryTranAmt vs TranAmt

v1.8 new version

v1.6: fixes for window names, security, and CT timeouts

v1.5: new version 1.5

v1.4: new version 1.4

v1.3: new version


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