List of Versions

V3.47: AP, GL, and EE distribution references are now 16384 based

V3.46: Ability to map Tax Schedule ID without Tax Detail IDs, RequestedBy mapping added to PO Sync, Company Name mapping added to the Vendor Sync

V3.45: Vendor sync shows vendor and phone number that errors, Item Description added to field mappings for PO sync, Bug fix for note attachements caused in v3.44, ability to pull Default Calculation Method for deferrals.

V3.44: Uses AP attachments instead of Note Attachments for receipt/invoice images (when feature enabled), Fix for when billed WIP account

V3.43: Added support for MDA, Allow skipping vendors in the Vendor Sync, Added additional information in default account code warning, bugfix with posting reverse deferrals

V3.42: Switched Receivings Invoice Destination and Purchasing Invoice Destination to use 16384 based sequence numbers. This is a fix for distributions disappearing after posting Purchasing Invoices and Receivings Invoices. 

V3.41: Fix to convert datetime values to date values in extender customization, updated lookup for max Record ID to default to 0 when NULL in brittExtenderFromDistribution Stored Procedure, added the status code field mapping for PO's, removal of plus sign from phone numbers in vendor sync, added check exchangedate functionality to the GL, EE, MP, RT, & PI destinations

V3.40: Added override flag to turn off deferral account mapping in AP, Fixed bug in brittExtenderFromDistribution SP

V3.39: Added support for eOne extender in the AP & GL destinations

V3.38:  Fix for version 3.37 bug preventing building stored procedures on start-up, Added error messages to ReportDetails.xml

V3.37: Feature to allow the exchange rate date to be between the start date and end date for an exchange rate in AP, Feature to pull the company GL account separator (delimiter) per company, Fix for value transformations for Purchasing Invoice returns, Fix for error log max values for the integration

V3.36: Fix for deferrals window after posting, support for non-functional currencies added to deferrals, fix for vendor sync exceeding 32000 characters issue, fix for Intercompany multi-currency issues, fix for Enter/Match destination skipping duplicate extract lines. 

V3.35: Concur New Auth published and scrolling window fix, removed HtmlEncode for Vendor and PO Syncs which allows special characters to be sync'ed (like ampersands), fix for concatenating nested field mapping IF statements.

V3.34 Deferrals added directly to application, Nolan Intercompany added directly to application

V3.33 Bug fix for default accounts for the Enter/Match destination, Bug fix for uniocde characters inside of PO line descriptions, Removal of the PO Line Number value if the PO Number is blank, AA for PM, POP and E/M credits, Wennsoft fix for Credit Lines

V3.32 Fix for Net Quantity for PO Sync, Fix for AA codes integration into Enter/Match and Receivings Transaction destination, Fix for pull of decimal places for unit cost for items.

V3.31 Fix for payment confirmations extract v1.1

V3.30 Fix for pulling Expense receipt images using the extract, Fix for Unicode characters in PO and Vendor sync values, Fix for Dex error in IC for GP 2018

V3.29 Closed/Cancelled POs in GP will sync with closed status in Concur, Added ability to skip syncing certain POs, added ability to use Trade Discount Amount fields for Purchasing Invoice and Receivings Invoices, added ability to use User Defined Fields for Receivings Invoices, fix for apostrophes in shipping lookup, fix for duplicate extracts, fix for matching multiple PO lines in Purchasing Invoice destination for Receivings Invoices

V3.28 Available field mapping for AA Alias Distribution Reference, Due Date now a mappable field for the AP destination, The eConnect connection string will be output in the console.log whenever verbose logging is configured

V3.27 PO address code and name default to company address code and name

V3.26 Fix for Wennsoft (Key2Act), fix for purchasing returns coming in before purchasing invoice

V3.25 separate line for landed cost and new landed cost fields (amount and vendor) in the purchasing invoice destination, better handling of 2 way match invoices, receivings transactions with landed costs apportionments being synced as PO receipts, Wennsoft (Key2Act) fix for cost cateogries

V3.24 Added fields including Originating Unit Cost and Company Database name to PO sync, the default address for POs is now the GP company address, some fixes for payables account distribution on Receivings invoice

V3.23: For Purchasing Invoice and Receivings Invoice, it performs the correct logic when Vendor Item Numbers are mapped. It first uses the vendor number, if exists, before using the GP item number, if mapped.

V3.22: Handles all of the use cases regarding PO/Non-PO and Inventory/Non-Inventory items for the Purchasing Invoice and Receivings Transaction destination

V3.21: Fix for vendor sync error for synchronizing account keys for v3.19 and v3.20

V3.20: Fix for pulling temporary account for intercompany transactions, fix for build script when client uses binary collation in SQL Server, built in ability to work with Olympic Project Cost

V3.19: Vendor Sync fix for Address Codes with ampersands, fix for payment confirmations now being skipped when voucher is moved to history, Fix for using ExpenseConnect expense groups so that an employees report is not pulled more than once if in multiple groups.

V3.18: PO Sync now synchronizes the Line Order field as External ID in Concur, Added ability to turn on the console.log for EC and IC batch errors

V3.17: Detail line account keys now available to be mapped for the PO Sync

V3.16: Fix for resyncing deleted vendors, Fix for pulling vendors with special characters in their vendor code, more descriptive names for the temp files pulled from the batch details grid

V3.15: Vendor Sync PATCH fix, Vendor sync field additions (Swift address, IBAN, etc), Fix for when line is intercompany and has tax, eConnect_Out_Setup records added to BuildeConnectObjects.bat script, error messaging removed for missing Report/Request Number

V3.14: Fixes for PO sync - pulls only 1000 items at a time, filters out pulling POs that have been closed or cancelled

V3.13: Fix for PO Receipt count in error log, Fix to prevent duplicate Taxable amounts and Total Taxable amounts for AP, add ability to pull unit cost from the project/budget

V3.12: Now skipping over 404 errors in pulling extract files; Tweak that forces manual payments to find a posted invoice if apply payments is checked. Errors out if not found;  Fix for when tax totals are different sign than purchase totals (for AP); Added BUYERID to PO Sync

V3.11: Fix for tax inserts on credits, missing indexes for GL accounts, fix for pulling original invoices with indexes over 75 chars

V3.10: Fix for Match Shipment Line and fix for mapping attendees

V3.09: Fix for Tax Schedule ID default, warning if default account is used at all, Default account used if account is inactive, Olympic Project Cost code

V3.08: EG-96 , EG-97 , fixes for HDR_WOR table, taxes for Recivings Transactions, apply payments for Receivings Transactions, added attendee mappings

V3.07: 3-way match for Invoice POs and new advanced settings interface

v3.06: Bug fix for PA Company Database Name Field ID

V3.05 fixed bug not allowing both attachment notes and receipt images at the same time

V3.04: Now allowing a choice with VAT duplicates

V3.03: Version with the TLS1.2 upgrade hack due to Concur deprecating TLS1.0

V3.02 Fixes for apply payments and for now allowing GoodsReceiptNumber as the unique key for PO sync

V3.01: PO sync with receipts, fix for 11991 issue, other bug fixes

v3.00: Added validation message, AIT fixes and Apply Manual Payment fixes

v2.99: Better Taxable Amount handling

v2.98: Apply Manual payments along with Tax Database Name

v2.97: bug fix for appSettings

v2.95: Taxes for Project now working

v2.94: working on resolving memory issues

v2.93 bug fixes for confirmations and AA

v2.90: script feature and refactorings of settings from AX code

v2.88 bug fix for Manual Payment distributions


v2.87 allowing an IC pre trigger proc

v2.86: new version



v2.79: new version 2.79, AIT and grouping confirmations by document (check) number



v2.76: Finished EG-52

v2.75: Console app to build all eConnect objects

v2.74: imperfect fix for Concur extract parse errors


2.72: bug fix for finding the original vouchers running confirmations

v2.71: default Posting_Date to _today, v2.71

v2.66: Sync refactoring to allow for SL syncing





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