List of Versions

V3.12: Now skipping over 404 errors in pulling extract files; Tweak that forces manual payments to find a posted invoice if apply payments is checked. Errors out if not found;  Fix for when tax totals are different sign than purchase totals (for AP); Added BUYERID to PO Sync

V3.11: Fix for tax inserts on credits, missing indexes for GL accounts, fix for pulling original invoices with indexes over 75 chars

V3.10: Fix for Match Shipment Line and fix for mapping attendees

V3.09: Fix for Tax Schedule ID default, warning if default account is used at all, Default account used if account is inactive, Olympic Project Cost code

V3.08: EG-96 , EG-97 , fixes for HDR_WOR table, taxes for Recivings Transactions, apply payments for Receivings Transactions, added attendee mappings

V3.07: 3-way match for Invoice POs and new advanced settings interface

v3.06: Bug fix for PA Company Database Name Field ID

V3.05 fixed bug not allowing both attachment notes and receipt images at the same time

V3.04: Now allowing a choice with VAT duplicates

V3.03: Version with the TLS1.2 upgrade hack due to Concur deprecating TLS1.0

V3.02 Fixes for apply payments and for now allowing GoodsReceiptNumber as the unique key for PO sync

V3.01: PO sync with receipts, fix for 11991 issue, other bug fixes

v3.00: Added validation message, AIT fixes and Apply Manual Payment fixes

v2.99: Better Taxable Amount handling

v2.98: Apply Manual payments along with Tax Database Name

v2.97: bug fix for appSettings

v2.95: Taxes for Project now working

v2.94: working on resolving memory issues

v2.93 bug fixes for confirmations and AA

v2.90: script feature and refactorings of settings from AX code

v2.88 bug fix for Manual Payment distributions


v2.87 allowing an IC pre trigger proc

v2.86: new version



v2.79: new version 2.79, AIT and grouping confirmations by document (check) number



v2.76: Finished EG-52

v2.75: Console app to build all eConnect objects

v2.74: imperfect fix for Concur extract parse errors


2.72: bug fix for finding the original vouchers running confirmations

v2.71: default Posting_Date to _today, v2.71

v2.66: Sync refactoring to allow for SL syncing





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