Rebuilding eConnect objects

In order to rebuild some of the objects the connector uses, we have a script called the BuildEConnectObjects.bat script. It needs to be rerun in several instances.

  1. When the initial install happened either the user did not logon as "sa" or the account running the eConnect service did not have sysadmin privileges
  2. Any GP upgrade happened which wiped out the eConnect_Out_Setup table. The GP "Year End Update" could have been one of these

To run the script:

  1. Logon to the machine in which the connector is installed and the eConnect service is running
  2. Make sure the domain account running the eConnect Windows service is a sysadmin in the SQL Server (this can be temporarily granted then removed after the script runs)


  1. Find BuildEConnectObjects.bat in the Dynamics GP folder and double-click it to run it
  2. Go through the prompts
    1. The instance name of the SQL Server in which the GP databases are installed (eg SQL Server name or SQL Server name\instance name)
    2. The name of the system database (leave blank to default to DYNAMICS)
    3. Logon as "sa"
    4. Leave blank to run the script for all companies


If it runs and all of the text is white, it ran successfully. Restart eConnect and everything should work. If it ran and some of the text is red or yellow, it failed or may have failed. Contact Wipfli for further assistance.



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