GP Windows and Forms permissions for ExpenseConnect

If the ExpenseConnect user is not a POWERUSER in Dynamics GP, provide access by creating a Security Task and Security Role and allow the User access in User Security Setup.

1. Create a Security Task (GP Menu à Tools à Setup à System à Security Tasks) with all of the ExpenseConnect Windows.** In order for a non-power user to view the Value Transformations list, additional security needs to be configured for the Navigation Lists. Select Product of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Type Navigation Lists, then Series of Navigation lists. Check ExpenseConnect Batches and Value Transformations. Repeat this step for the Series of Information Pane and Customize Lists.  

2. Create a Security Role (GP Menu -> Tools -> Setup -> System -> Security Roles) that selects the Security Task created in step 1.

3. Give the user access (GP Menu -> Tools -> Setup -> System -> User Security) to the Security Role created in step 2. Provide the user access for each company as needed.

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