Client Uses Binary Stream's Multi-Entity-Management Software

Multi Entity Management (MEM) was formerly know was Multi Facility Management. So in the MEM world, Entity ID means the same things as Facility ID.

Before we can map to MEM, the client’s GP partner will need to install the MEM eConnect stored procedures for PM transactions into each company database. Have them follow the instructions detailed below in the Install SQL Scripts section.

To map it with EC, simply map the Entity ID Concur field to User Defined 1. You may also need to hardcode map the number 11 to User Defined 5, if it doesn’t work at first.



If you receive an error with the error code of 90138, that means you are trying to define a batch which goes across multiple facilities. You will need to map a batch and include the facility ID (same as what is mapped to User Defined 1 in the Batch ID mapping.


If the client integrates into the GL, hardcode map '1' to User Defined 2. 

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