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Importing mages is only available with GP2013 R2 and later. 

1.Make sure the eConnect account is a sysadmin in the SQL Server.

2. Logon to the Windows computer as the eConnect account.

3. From the GP folder double-click the file BuildEConnectObjects.bat (install the latest version of EC/IC if this script does not exist) to recreate all needed SQL Server objects. Run this script as "sa" (it will prompt for a username and password).

4. If successful (runs without red text), you can now remove the sysadmin permissions from the eConnect service user (it will still need DYNGRP) permissions in DYNAMICS and all company databases

5. If not successful (red text attached), check to see if client has upgraded GP recently and if they have databases that have not been updated to the upgraded format. Remove these databases from the server and rerun the BuildEConnectObjects.bat file. After the file runs successfully, the unconverted database can be added back to the server. 

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