Bi-Directional Sync results

The bi-directional sync takes the following steps:

  1. Pulls inactive records from Intacct
  2. Deletes inactive records from Concur
  3. Pulls active records from Intacct
  4. Attempts to update those active records in Concur if they already exist there
  5. If they don’t exist in Concur yet, you will get a message that says ‘failed to update list item’. The update fails because there is no record to update.
  6. Attempts to create records in Concur
  7. If the record was successfully updated previously, you would get the ‘failed to create list item’ message. The record can’t be created since it already exists.
  8. For a successful bi-directional sync, the total of updated successful records and created successful records will equal the number of active records.
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