Error: Unable to overwrite existing relationship name


Error: Unable to overwrite existing relationship  name: britt_ric_apbill id: 10016 origId: 123208@10161 with Installer version id: 10161 origId: 123208@10161 because the original ids do not match.

Case 1:

If you get this error, it typically means that another Intacct Platform object already has a conflicting ID.

Workaround 1:

Find the standard object relationships that have the same Integration Name. Change those to something else. R10014 to RL10014, for example.

Case 2: 

We've also observed this error if someone attempts to delete and then reinstall one of our applications and for whatever reason not all of the relationships are properly removed. 

Workaround 2:

Warning: This action may be destructive and result in breaking the links between batches and AP/GL/etc. records for existing batches.

Check the affected objects (i.e. APBILL for the example provided above) for an existing leftover relationship with this name. Delete the problem relationship on each of the affected objects and then attempt to reinstall the application. Be careful not to mistakenly delete a similarly-named relationship for any non-Wipfli applications that a client may have installed (instead, see Workaround 1 above).


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