UDD IDs with ExpenseConnect

A note on using UDDs in EC mappings:

Below is a picture of one client's UDD records. UDDs will often appear in the xml file with a value inside parenthesis and then another value outside the parentheses as though the ID is the same as the name. For example, these came across as (AsiaPac)AsiaPac in the Concur xml with no number value accompanying them. However, the value inside the parentheses is not the ID. This is simply how UDDs come across. Instead, to find the actual ID for each UDD record, you have to go inside Intacct and look at the list of records. The ID will be in its own column such as the one circled in the picture below. If you are looking to hard code a UDD value, use a Value Transformation, or use a conditional statement, this is the value you will have to use.


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