Re-issued checks in InvoiceConnect

Situation outline:

  1.  An IC customer issues an invoice for which a Payment Request is generated
  2.  The customer then sends a check for which a Payment Confirmation is generated
  3.  The customer voids the check for whatever reason
  4.  The customer has to re-issue a separate check for that payment
  5.  The second check does not come through on the Payment Confirmation batches that are run subsequent to the second check being issued


The second (re-issued) check will not come through on any Payment Confirmation batches that are run because IC cannot match the re-issued check to the original Payment Request due to the fact that it had already had a matching Payment Confirmation run when the first check went through. In order to fix this the customer can do one of two things:

  1.  The customer can manually pay out the original Payment Request and then skip the Payment Confirmation altogether (easiest and quickest option most of the time)
  2.  The customer can reverse the original invoice, create a new invoice for the same payment, thereby generating a new Payment Request so that the new check will have a Request to match up to. 
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