Duplicate reports brought in when Integrated checkbox is checked

When a client is using one of our dual destinations that include Cash Management for credit card transactions, they have the option to change the grouping level on the charge card entries. In other words, they can go to the Advanced tab on the product subscription and change from the default option of 'Report' to 'ChargeCard Entry' like so:


in doing this, it causes each individual charge card line item to be integrated as a separate charge card transactions as opposed to entire reports coming in as one transaction. In order to do this, it causes the Report ID to be picked up differently. With any other grouping level, the report ID will look like this:


However, when changed to 'ChargeCard Entry' it will pull differently for both charge card transactions AND T&E or AP transactions like so:


This happens in order to distinguish the charge card transaction line items from each other. It adds another string of characters to the Report ID and consequently adds a duplication of the Report ID for the T&E or AP reports (shown in the picture above).

Therefore, if you change the grouping level any time after the initial implementation, you will most likely find duplicate reports being brought into Intact despite the fact that you have checked the 'Integrated?' checkbox for those reports.

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